August 20, 2020

A Thrifty Guide for Your Own Camping Gear Supplies

If you're a beginner in camping, it may not be easy to determine what gear you should pack along with your clothes. Aside from that, it may also be hard to decide which items you should spend for and which ones you can rent or pick up around your home. You've probably come across a list of gear that you should take on any camping trip when you check through the internet, and if you sum all that up, you'll probably end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars on buying camping gear.

Before you spend even a single dollar for it, let me give you a few tips how to save up cost when buying your own camping gear. The first question one must consider is what type of camping you are going to do. If you plan on going on one trip each year or just for a few days, the camping gear that you need varies considerably. You also have to take note that cheap camping gear comes in two typespoor quality gear that costs almost nothing and camping gear that refers to products that are good quality, but still cheap.

Regardless of the type of camping that you intend on doing, it saves you a lot of dollars to get quality gear. I have proven many times that by buying a gear that is extremely cheap, you just end up having to buy again the gear later down the track. As the popular saying goes, "A poor man buys twice."

If you plan to start camping regularly, some gear like a good quality tent, sleeping gear, cooking gear, and water bottles among many others are worth the investment. A good shelter is critical because it will protect you from all the weather elements (rain, sun, snow, wind, etc.) and keep you dry, warm, and comfortable.

A poor quality tent is bound to get you wet in any rain, and nothing could be worse than some bad evenings as a result of poor quality sleeping gears such as sleeping bag, pillow, and mattress. What you should aim for is a sleeping bag with enough insulation to keep you warm, a decent pillow, and a comfortable mattress to experience the comfort of your bed at home. Many people actually buy cheap quality mattresses, just go camping once, and then never use it again because of a bad sleeping experience from it.

Given all that, I suggest that you start off slow in collecting your camping gears. Don't be overwhelmed and don't over prepare. And when you are generally happy with your first set of camping gears, purchase other gears that are going to fill the gaps in your camping experience. You can be extremely comfortable during camping without leaving your wallet empty.

Another useful tip that not a lot may have not tried to consider is make use of what you have around the house too. I am sure most households would have at least some basic camping gear, and why purchase new equipment if you have something that is going to do the job? This will save your budget big time!

Waiting for a sale and discounts is also something you should always try to do! In my case, if I don't need something in a hurry, I am happy to wait around until a sale comes on. Many of the local camping, fishing, and outdoor stores have specials on where you can get up to 50% off. That is a considerable amount of money in the long run!

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